About Us

AntiqueOwl has been an active website since 2002, when we started out as a pay-per-click search engine. In 2012, we felt it would be more effective to migrate our website into a directory instead. A directory allows us to provide far more listing information and have full control over our listings, unlike with the pay-per-click search engine which required the use of third party search results when there were no advertisers for a certain keyword phrase.

Our primary goal is to be the antique and collectible enthusiasts first choice when they are searching for information on, or to purchase, antiques and collectibles online. While Google is great for many searches, they also bombard you with endless ads, shopping results, videos and other types of results. Our directory will focus on just bringing our visitors the top sites on the web to shop for and research their items. In addition, Google and the other search engines tend to give the top listings in their results to large companies and companies with the biggest advertising or SEO budgets. Due to this, we feel that they are pushing small antique stores, independent collectibles stores and mom and pop shops farther and farther down their listings, making it harder to compete every year.

Our intention with AntiqueOwl is to give antique and collectible site owners and vendors a level playing field once again. To this end, we offer, and will continue to offer, free listings for quality sites that adhere to our guidelines.

We are now integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google +, and all new listings in our directory will be promoted on these sites as well, giving additional free advertising to our listings.

Who We Are

Antique Owl is a project created out of our love for antiques and collectibles. We are a team of two antiques enthusiasts, with a background in antiques buying, selling, appraisal, research, restoration and repair. With over 60 years of combined experience in the antiques industry, we feel we are qualified to curate a high quality directory of online antiques sites. We love antiques and simply want to share the best sites online for buying them, selling them, researching them, repairing them, caring for them, collecting them and much more!

We hope you will join us as an antiques and collecting enthusiast, shopper, researcher or store owner. Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions via our Contact Us page or connect with us through the social media buttons that are on the right side of every page. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting AntiqueOwl!