Submission FAQ

Official AntiqueOwl Submission Guidelines

We strive to be a high quality resource for antiques and collectible enthusiasts online, therefore we must institute and strongly enforce quality guidelines for the sites that appear in our directory.

We will happily accept and review sites submitted to us via our submission form, but please note that we reserve the right to reject submissions that do not adhere to our listing guidelines. We also reserve the right to edit your title, description, excerpt and other details.

We are not a large company, relying on only two editors, both of which have a strong background in antiques, antique repair, restoration, collecting and appraisals. Our editors will rely on their judgement when they review sites submitted to us by visitors.

We only accept sites that are in the antiques and collectibles niche. This includes stores that sell antiques and collectibles, but we also have a category specifically for sites that offer reference and research information.

For webmasters of antique and collectible websites, we put forth the following basic guidelines that your site should adhere to in order to be accepted into our directory, we thank you for your cooperation:

  • Site should be in English or have an English version easily available (usually with a US or UK flag in the header).
  • For informational sites, please make sure your information is well researched and updated.
  • If your site is a store and sells items, please make sure you have a visible return policy, privacy policy, contact details and strong customer service options in place. Transactions should be secured and personal details of your buyers protected.

Sorry, we cannot accept the following types of sites:

  • Sites that sell or provide information on illegal or offensive products.
  • Sites that sell or provide information on products made from endangered animals, such as ivory or taxidermy.
  • Sites that have little information or unique content, such as affiliate sites.
  • Sites that are hacked, have malware or other viruses.
  • Sites which have poor design, grammar problems or spelling errors.
  • Sites that engage in spamming of any kind.
  • Sites that offer replica or fake versions of any product.

Submission Details

Your website title should be your company or website name, it cannot contain keywords and phrases unless they are an official part of your name.

Acceptable title examples —

John’s Antique Shop

Prominent Product by John’s Antique Shop

Unacceptable title examples —

Keyword Phrase

Product Name

Keyword Phrase, Keyword Phrase, Keyword Phrase

keywords,more keywords,more words


Your description can be quite long. You can list many of your products and give a background on yourself and your site. Please try to keep away from using overly promotional wording and exclamation points. Please write a short and long description for our site. We prefer descriptions that are long and unique to our site.


The tagline is where you can include your slogan or a very short promotional phrase. Example taglines:

Antique Tools in Smith County Since 1959

The World’s Leading Antique Textile Shop

Largest Selection of Vintage Movie Posters in California


On our submission page, you will have the opportunity to include tags and keywords that are appropriate for your website. Please refrain from including more than 10.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact us.