Caned and Wicker Furniture Restoration


Full Description

We repair antiques: antique chair caning, antique wicker furniture. Antiques repair is our work; chair caning and wicker furniture repair, our specialty. The restoration process involved for an antique chair or rocker may include hand refinishing, replacement of chair parts, and the reweaving of a chair seat. Reweaving may include strand or web caning, fiber rush, Danish cord, Shaker tape, and flat reed or splint seat weaving.

We also repair and restore antique wicker furniture. Wicker is made with a natural material or twisted paper and over time the wicker reed may break down. We replace individual weavers and spokes on any wicker chair, chaise, setee, swing, or rocker. We can restore entire sections of wicker that may have broken. Wicker holds a special place in many homes.

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